1. Dry Cleaning
    This is a process of cleaning with little or no water. Dry Cleaning helps to remove those "invisible stains", that can break down fibers. We follow the recommendation on the care labels for those garments & household items that require this process. With all the man made materials today, we suggest you follow the care labels to prevent your garment from being damaged.
  2. Laundry Services
    For your convenience, we also provide professional laundering of the following items: shirts and blouses, jeans, Dockers, fatigues, shorts, uniforms, most household items and much more. Done your way. Whether you want starch, no starch, hanger or fold it for traveling and easy storage. Cuffs and collars are pre-treated, and crease or no crease.
  3. Household Items
    Don't just let that dust gather. You can bring your large household items to Paragon Valet Cleaners. We will get them looking like new. Drapes, comforters, duvet covers, pillows, table linens, sheets & pillow cases, blankets & quilts, sleeping bags, and more!
  4. Valet Express Service
    Free pickup and deliver service to your home or Business.
  5. Corporate Accounts
    We Offer an individual service to your employees or customers. We can save you time and money by offering our convenient services right at your business. This service is offered FREE of charge to your business. We can get you set up within a couple of days! This is also a great service to offer your tenants or residents in apartments.
  6. Spot, Stain and Smell Removal
    Paragon Cleaners does their very best to remove spots or stains from your clothes.Our master spotter Juan is the top guy in this industry. He uses conventional and non conventional methods to remove tough stains.